Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trade pigs for daughters, but keep both!

This is one ingenious way to stop human trafficking, especially girls for sex and house labor. It is like putting a market value for girls and then compensating that with commodities, but the seller is allowed to keep both--commodities and girls-- with a commitment to send the girls to school!

[...]Murray asked the Tharu village fathers to keep their daughters home and send them to school instead of selling them at the annual Maghe Sakranti Festival every January. In exchange, families could raise the pigs and sell them for the same amount they could fetch for their daughters. Murray's nonprofit organization, the Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation, also would pay for the girls' school expenses. Plus, it would kick in a kerosene lamp and 2 liters of kerosene a month - coveted items in an area without electricity.

It was an experiment based on Murray's understanding of Nepali culture after living there off and on for five years and sponsoring the education of orphans and street children. She knew pork is a prized meat and that for some families, selling a daughter was the only way to afford food for the rest of the family.

[...]Murray and Paneru have since steered 3,000 girls away from slavery and all but eradicated the long-held tradition of indentured servitude in the Tharu village.

Read more here. Great work by the Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation.

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