Saturday, July 19, 2008

Links of Interest

What exactly are Ronaldinho and Ronaldo worth?

Government 'must step in' to close gap (Keynes calling in South Africa: "Market forces will not reverse South Africa’s trend of growing inequality without state intervention...Our levels of inequality, the chasm that is there between the first and second economies, the experience over the past four years of high growth — where you were able to reduce poverty but not inequality — all those issues would inform you that the market on its own would not resolve the problems that we face...“In a developing country such as ours and given our history, the state would have to play a critical role in addressing these issues that the markets are incapable of dealing with...")

EU's 'spare 1bn euros' for Africa (Easterly would hate it...but good that unspent farm subsidies,which would have continued to further distort prices, is being given to Africa!...note that, the EU's agricultural budget is in excess of 40% of the EU's annual expenditure.)

Remember Doha?

Also see, Defrosting Doha

Land of the rising price

Equitable Access to Financial Services: Is Microfinancing Sufficient? (Answer: Not really! See the figure below)

access to microfinance 2006