Friday, December 9, 2011

Top ten exports and imports of India and China

India’s top two export items are petroleum, coal products and manufacturers. China’s top two export items are electronic equipment and machinery and equipment. Meanwhile, India’s top two import items are oil and metals. China’s top import items are machinery and equipment, and electronic equipment. In terms of export value, China is way ahead of India. Also, most of Chinese exports are relatively high value added goods, but that of India are primary commodities. Textile and wearing apparel are top fourth and fifth exports of China. The value of electronic and machinery exports of China is 3.6 times higher than the value of textiles and wearing apparel exports. Few years ago, textiles and wearing apparel were the top export times. Seems like China fast moving to export of higher value added items.

India China
Top ten exports to world, 2010 USD bn Top ten exports to world, 2010 USD bn
Petroleum, coal products 37.15 Electronic equipment 427.80
Manufactures n.e.c. 32.63 Machinery and equipment n.e.c 329.62
Chemical, rubber, plastic pro 26.97 Chemical, rubber, plastic pro 125.76
Textiles 15.49 Textiles 112.06
Machinery and equipment n.e.c 13.72 Wearing apparel 98.62
Ferrous metals 10.71 Manufactures n.e.c. 58.00
Wearing apparel 9.23 Transport equipment n.e.c. 56.06
Metals n.e.c. 8.60 Leather products 54.83
Minerals n.e.c. 8.35 Metal products 54.50
Motor vehicles and parts 8.05 Wood products 45.19
Top ten imports from world, 2010   Top ten imports from world, 2010  
Oil 65.51 Machinery and equipment n.e.c 273.94
Metals n.e.c. 33.99 Electronic equipment 197.66
Chemical, rubber, plastic pro 31.15 Chemical, rubber, plastic pro 175.43
Machinery and equipment n.e.c 29.65 Oil 135.30
Manufactures n.e.c. 15.67 Minerals n.e.c. 114.81
Electronic equipment 14.72 Metals n.e.c. 68.45
Minerals n.e.c. 12.91 Motor vehicles and parts 54.56
Ferrous metals 9.46 Ferrous metals 28.09
Petroleum, coal products 7.93 Petroleum, coal products 27.60
Coal 7.23 Oil seeds 26.54

Here is a previous blog post on Nepal’s top export to and imports from India and China.The data is sourced from UNCOMTRADE database using WITS. It is at 2-digit level (GTAP nomenclature).