Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fixed salary of Nepali bankers

Recently, Nepal’s central bank capped perks and benefits of CEOs working bank and financial institutions in Nepal. The salary of CEOs in Nepal ranges from NRs 585,000 to NRs 25.24 million a year, says this news report. The CEO of Standard Chartered Bank in Nepal earned the highest amount, while that of Nepal Bank Limited earned the least among the chiefs of 27 commercial banks in operation. The monthly salary ranges from NRs 45,000 to NRs 1942000 (at an exchange rate of US$1=NRs72, the range is US$625 to US$26972 per month). Among fully Nepali-owned banks, Radhesh Pant, CEO of Kumari Bank, has the highest fixed salary. He gets Rs 1.04 million per month. The fixed salary does not include other benefits.