Saturday, September 15, 2018

0.9 million economic establishments engage 3.4 million people in Nepal

On September 13, the Central Bureau of Statistics released preliminary results of the first ever National  Economic Census 2018. The preliminary results are based on enumerator’s control forms, which is basically a summary sheet of details in form B. Data collection was done between 14 April and 14 June 2018. The census is now the basis for designing sampling frame of economic establishment for forthcoming surveys and censuses. 

The economic census covers most of the economic establishments, the unit of analysis, in the country. It includes registered agricultural, forest and fishery businesses; mining and quarrying; industrial production; electricity, gas, etc; drinking water supply, sanitation, waste management and processing; construction; retail and wholesale trade, and sale and repair of vehicles and motorcycles; transportation and storage; hotels and restaurants; information and communication; financial intermediation; real estate and business activities; professional, scientific and technical activities; public administration; education; healthcare and community related activities; arts and entertainment; and other relevant economic activities that are either registered or not registered.   

Nepal has 0.92 million economic establishments, where about 3.4 million people are engaged. The sex ratio of persons engaged is 150 (male per 100 engaged females).  

Here are the major highlights from the preliminary results:
  • Number of establishments: 922,445 
    • For comparison, Japan has 5.8 million, Indonesia 26.7 million, Sri Lanka 1 million and Cambodia 0.5 million
  • Number of persons engaged: 3,408,746
  • Number of persons engaged per establishment: 3.7 
    • For comparison, its 9.9 in Japan, 2.6 in Indonesia, 2.8 in Sri Lanka, and 3.3 in Cambodia
  • Number of establishments per 1000 people: 31.6 
    • For comparison, in 45.4 in Japan, 105.6 in Indonesia, 50.3 in Sri Lanka, and 34.6 in Cambodia 
  • Kathmandu has the largest number of economic establishments (13.4%), followed by Jhapa (4.2%), Rupandehi (4.2%), Morang (2.8%) and Sunsari (2.4%)
  • The lowest number of economic establishments is in Manang, Mustang, Dolpa, Rukum East and Rasuwa (all less than 0.1% of total)
  • The density of economic establishment is 6.3 per sq km
  • Number of economic establishments by province (persons engaged in brackets):
    • Province 1: 168,434 (580,000)
    • Province 2: 117,588 (424,367)
    • Province 3: 282,056 (1,190,721)
    • Gandaki: 100,688 (341,818)
    • Province 5: 147,892 (527,960)
    • Karnali: 42,817 (132,425)
    • Province 7: 62,970 (211,555)
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