Monday, December 29, 2008

YCL and load-shedding fall heavy on the industrial sector

The Maoists militant youth force, YCL, and 13 hours of load-shedding in Nepal is taking toll on the industrial sector. Lack of energy and YCL’s campaign to close down industries by putting unjust demands that are beyond the rich of the fledging industrial sector are forcing industries to close down.

Global economics crisis, moribund garment and textile industry, energy crisis, threats to property rights, lack of appropriability (private), high inflation rate…the list of problems in the Nepali economy is never-ending…The last thing Nepal needs now is YCL’s politically motivated rage and labor unrest.


UPDATE: THT reports that the industrial sector is in fact feeling the heat of YCL’s excesses pretty intensely!

With increase in load-shedding hours in the country, up to 50 per cent of the productivity has been cut. “Serious alternative measures should be taken immediately to prevent the collapse of industries,” he recommends to the government.