Friday, January 2, 2015

Seven years of blogging

First, Happy New Year 2015! Stay happy, healthy, wealthy and wise! Maximize and optimize = A wonderful 2015!!

Second, I started blogging on this platform ( on 3 February 2008. Cumulatively, I wrote 1,611 blog posts over 2008-2014. Due to workload and other time-varying interests, the number of blog posts is going down each year, registering an average annual decrease of 35.9% over the last seven years. I hope the rate of decrease will stabilize in the coming days. Furthermore, I hope that the blog posts were and are helpful to some visitors.

Blog posts have evolved drastically over the years. Initially, they were mostly a collection of articles and interesting papers (sort of extended bibliography for my own reference). Now, blog posts are analytical as well as informational. They are mostly related to contemporary as well as historical development, economic growth and trade issues. The labels next to the figure show the major topics covered (larger text indicate more number of blog posts related to the topic).

Region-wise, a large part of the blog posts are related to Nepal and South Asia (Sub-Saharan Africa as well during the initial years). Thank you for visiting the blog!