Saturday, May 16, 2009

Growth diagnostics of the Nepali economy

These are a collection of blog posts related to growth diagnostics of the Nepali economy, which I finished in April 2009. I will post a link to the full paper later.

Nepal’s growth story:

  1. What’s holding back growth in Nepal?
  2. Reality about Nepal’s GDP growth rate
  3. Five decades of Nepal’s growth story
  4. Nepal’s export dynamics

Binding constraints:

  1. Bad infrastructure as the most binding constraint on economic activity in Nepal
  2. The state of corruption in Nepal

Incompatible constraints:

  1. Macroeconomic stability and macroeconomic risks in Nepal
  2. Property rights
  3. Education (human resources) sector in Nepal
  4. Is “self-discovery” an issue in the Nepali economy?
  5. What about coordination externalities? [Product space, comparative advantage and Nepal’s export sector]
  6. Labor and business regulations in Nepal
  7. Taxes, revenues and expenditures in South Asia
  8. Cost of finance in Nepal (Bad international finance, Low domestic savings, and Poor intermediation)

Policy implications:

  1. Policy implications of growth diagnostics of the Nepalese economy
  2. Growth strategies for Nepal

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