Friday, November 20, 2009

Links of Interest (11/20/2009)

China will become of the world’s largest economy in 2032 (but not in terms of income per capita!)

Forecasting macroeconomic developments (Also, see top-down versus bottom-up macroeconomics)

An interesting Turkish blog

Gambling on a sinking nation (remember a Cabinet meeting underwater in Maldives)

The effectiveness of fiscal and monetary stimulus in depression (In short, analysis of budgets and central bank policy rates for 27 countries covering the period 1925-39 shows that where fiscal policy was tried, it was effective.)

Chavez slams GDP methodology after his economy contracted in 3Q

The impact of the Doha Round on Kenya (Kenya’s GDP will boost by a 0.2 percent; it will see losses in the manufacturing and mining sectors but gain in agricultural and processed food sectors)

Zedillo Commission Report on reforming the World Bank

WDI now in Google search (try the new stuff; its cool; see a sample below)… also, try WB Data Visualizer (you can do similar stuff in Google Spreadsheet plus copy the code and use it elsewhere!)

Not satisfied playing with data? Try WB Data Finder (a sample below):

GDP growth (annual %) - 2008
Source: World Bank Data - Annual GDP Growth Rate

The lessons on reducing poverty from the BRICs

John Perkins on stopping terrorism (trade fairly!)