Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nepal gets first president

new president of Nepal

Continuing the change in political sphere after the end of centuries old monarchy system in Nepal, the people elected the country's first president and vice-president yesterday. Its a historic day. Both the gentlemen who will be in charge of the country through this crucial phase come from the usually sidelined ethnic groups from the Terai-- call it Madheshi. True representation is seen there! More here, here, and here.

Meanwhile, the Maoists, who have been really cocky in recent days, have said that they would not join the upcoming government despite winning a clear majority in the CA election. Reason: their presidential candidate lost the election. This is absurd! If you want to participate in democracy, then it is vital that you accept both failures and success. The Maoists cannot have success all the time and if the don't, it does not make sense to not join the government. This is one glaring example of opportunist and selfish party trying to derail the hard gained political gains. Moreover, what I don't understand is why was it okay when the other two big parties allied with the Maoists and why it is not okay now then the two parties switch their alliance to a Madhesi party? Maoists need to look into themselves-- their haughty, rebellious attitude. Things are dealt differently when you are out of jungle? Don't act like barbarians!

Here is the VP (sorry, in Nepali):