Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NEPAL: Interesting flights data in FY2012

Here are interesting stats that I picked up from Sangam’s article in The Kathmandu Post:
  • Domestic passenger movement dropped 0.55 percent to 1.575 million in 2012 (attributed to high domestic prices due to high fuel charges, less bandhs and more luxury coaches, slow economic growth and real estate activities, and low capital spending).
  • The Nepali skies saw 70,877 flights in the review period, a drop of 10.49 percent.
  • An average 195 planes took off and landed at TIA daily (Thats about 16 take offs and landing per hour if the domestic terminal opens for 12 hours a day).
  • High fuel surcharge:
    • Flying from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur now costs Rs 6,550 (Rs 3,250 fare and Rs 3,300 fuel surcharge), compared to Rs 4,200 in 2010.
    • The normal airfare to Pokhara has soared to Rs 4,035 from Rs 2,500 two years ago. Fuel accounts for more than 30-35 percent of their overall operating cost
    • Buddha Air secured 60 percent of the market share among the seven commercial domestic airlines. The carrier flew 881,611 travelers in 2012, up 27.59 percent. Yeti Airlines took 28.74 percent.
    • Yeti flew 452,806 travellers in 2012, a slim growth of 0.74 percent compared to 2011.
    • Apart from these two rivals, all five airlines saw a negative growth.
    • Collapse and irregular operation of struggling airlines like Agni Air, Guna Airlines and Sita Air benefited Buddha and Yeti.