Friday, January 6, 2012

Merchandise exports and imports by development region in Nepal

Here is an interesting chart that shows share of total merchandise exports and imports by development region during fiscal year 2010/11. Total merchandise exports in 2010/11 was Rs 64.56 billion and total merchandise imports was Rs 397.54 billion.

The highest merchandise exports originated from Eastern Development Region, which accounted for 47.83% of total exports (about Rs 30.88 billion). It was followed by Central Development Region (Rs 28.87 billion) and Western Development Region (Rs 3.11 billion).

The highest merchandise imports was by Central Development Region,which accounted for 68.49% of total imports (about Rs 272.28 billion). It was followed by Western Development Region (Rs 13.86 billion) and Eastern Development Region (Rs 13.81 billion).

Interesting (but unsurprising) observation is that highest exports has occurred from regions with highest concentration of industries. And, highest imports is by regions with highest population (and population density)/consumption. These could affect incentives such as tax holidays, supply of infrastructures, and other facilities aimed at promoting industrialization in different parts of the country.