Thursday, September 29, 2011

The demand for subsidized rice in Nepal

The picture says it all.

Caption says: People thronging at Nepal Food Corporation depot in Dailekh. The state-owned depot is providing subsidized rice to the people.

Related new story here (in Nepali language). It is reported that people are staying in line for two days to get subsidized rice. Other are staying in hotel to get their share of subsidized rice. People are given coupon to purchase a fixed quantity. The news report state that people who are close to the officials get coupon and rice easily. Those without any links to officials have to wait for days. But, the depot officials refute the allegation.

The subsidy is Rs 10 per kg for Japanese rice and Rs 5 per kg for Sona Mansuli rice. A sack of Japanese rice (30 kg) costs Rs 625 and a sack of Sona Mansuli (50 kg) costs Rs 1520. So, the government is subsidizing Rs 300 per sack of Japanese rice and Rs 250 per sack of Sona Mansuli rice.