Friday, June 17, 2011

Update on food security in Nepal (2010-11 is surplus year)

It seems like Nepal is going to have food surplus (of 110,000 tonnes) this fiscal year (2010-2011), according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoAC). Meanwhile, the number of food deficit districts has gone down to 38 form 43 reported earlier. Total production, demand, and surplus were 8.615 million tonnes, 5.4 million tonnes, and 110,000 tonnes respectively. The calculation is based on the consumption rate of 191 kg per person per year by 28.376 million people.

Dang, Dhanusha, Chitwan, Sankhuwasabha, Kaski and Dolpa districts have become food surplus districts this fiscal year. Dolpa has become a food surplus district after 10 years, according to the MoAC.

Food balance in FY 2010-11 (tonnes)
Region District Production Requirement Food balance
Mountain 16 333875 383327 -49452
Hills 38 2256322 2457399 -201077
Terai 21 2922678 2521516 401162
Total 75 8.615 million tonnes 5.4 million tonnes 110000 tonnes

Among the districts with food deficit production are six districts in the Tarai, 11 in mountains, and 21 in hills.

According to the MoAC extension of agro technology, improved seeds and increased area under cultivation among other advantages had boosted production. The overall food grain (rice, maize, wheat, millet, barley and buckwheat) output grew 11 percent in the current fiscal year.

Nepal imported 290,000 tonnes of food this fiscal year.