Friday, March 25, 2011

Nepalese industrialists and unions strike a deal

Good news! Seems like most of the issues related to industrial strike and labor-related industrial woes are being addressed in the latest deal between the three main trade unions and industrialists (represented by FNCCI). The deal will go into effect beginning March 15.

Main features of the deal:

  • No industrial strike for four years.
  • Increase in monthly salary and daily wage plus social security for workers. Remuneration per month has been increased by Rs 1500 (monthly salary increased by Rs 50 and dearness allowance by Rs 1450). This has increased minimum wage to Rs 6100 per month from Rs 4600. Daily wages have been increased to Rs 226 from Rs 190. Monthly remuneration has been increased by 32.6 percent and daily wage by 18.9 percent.
  • Employers and workers have also agreed to contribute 20 percent and 11 percent of their respective basic remunerations for implementing different social security schemes for workers.
  • The trade unions promised to extend their full cooperation to employers in curtailing the work force if any enterprise is forced to fully or partially close operations due to rise in labor cost or other adverse market conditions.
  • The workers have committed themselves to fully cooperate with the employers to increase industrial productivity.
  • They have also agreed not to take part in any political activities during working hours.

Most of the issues I raised in yesterday’s piece were addressed. Good for both FNCCI and unions. Let us just hope that the terms of the deal will be honored by both sides.

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