Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nepali economy in 2009

My former colleague Prem Khanal writes:

The year 2008 ended further cementing historic changes in the political front but little enthusiasm the economy saw to turnaround deepening economic woes. Instead, topsy-turvy policy often contradicting with market-based economic principals, acute power shortage and shattered private sector’s confidence all have emerged as major headwinds that the Maoists-led government will be confronting to lay groundwork to achieve a ‘double-digit growth’ in 2009.

My main worries: gradual wiping off of the industrial base due to load-shedding, negative impact on the service sector, rising general price level (14% inflation rate is one of the highest in South Asia) and stalemate in hiring (low-skilled jobs abroad) by foreign companies. All could lead to social unrest!

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