Thursday, December 11, 2008

An international perspective about the MDGs

New book (fodder for winter break!) - Reaching the MDGs: An International Perspective

Recommendation by the authors to reach MDGs by 2015:

  • identify win-win policy options that can help raise productivity and reduce inequality at the same time
  • accompany the implementation of policy innovations with data collection that can assist policy monitoring
  • invest in impact evaluation strategies, as prioritisation may vary by country or region
  • apply extra effort in focusing monitoring on a small subset of indicators
  • further research the synergies between the various MDGs
  • identify poor households in terms of multiple poverty dimensions
  • balance growth-oriented investment with social service spending that directly addresses the non-income dimensions of poverty
  • in the case of donor countries, comply with their funding commitments and provide recipient countries with funding predictability

    (via Eldis Poverty)