Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sliding towards Socialism

I have always been skeptical about the Maoists' ability to steer the economy towards a path of success because of their anti-market behavior(I have been always critical of their planned land reform program). Now, they have agreed to form a government and have a 50 point common minimum agenda. And, there are a lot of commissions:

...In the program, the Maoists pledged to form a peace and reconstruction commission, a truth and reconciliation commission, a state restructuring commission, a commission on disappearances and a land reforms commission. It has vowed to make necessary arrangements for monitoring past peace accords through the peace and reconstruction commission.

Besides, the program proposed an administration reforms commission, a youth commission and a powerful Muslim commission.

...The Maoists proposed a model of economic activity through the partnership of government, cooperatives and the private sector. It pledged to formulate immediate short-term, mid-term and long-term plans for development and give priority to agriculture, hydropower, tourism, human resources and infrastructure.

The Maoists have proposed to categorize hydel projects for purposes of investment. "Small and medium-size projects will be run through internal investment and big and export-oriented projects through foreign investment," the proposed program stated.

...The Maoists propose to attract foreign investment in industrialization and development for the benefit of the country. The party pledged dual citizenship for Non-Resident Nepalis to attract their investment in national development.

The Maoist program proposed revolutionary land reforms to end feudal ownership of  land and establish access of peasants to the land.

The program also proposed that primary health care, employment and education up to high-school will be made part of the fundamental rights of the people. The party proposed to reduce the age criteria for senior citizens to 70 from existing 75 for purposes of the old age allowance. It pledged an increment in the allowance amount for widows and old people.