Friday, August 1, 2008

Cell phones used to expedite work in government offices!

This is one novel use of cell phones. Forgoing ages old tradition of ringing bells in offices to communicate between different departments and to call caretakers, some officials in the Nepalese government jobs have been using cell phones. How? Well, by giving missed calls!

One missed call and the peon attends to the seniors to offer his service like serving tea, photocopying documents, printing and so on. The system of pushing call bell beneath senior officers' desks has been replaced by mobile phones.

Krishna Poudel, who works as a peon at the District Election Office, says, "Who needs buzzer system when there is mobile phone. With the help of mobile phone I can now hear my seniors call, no matter where I am."

Chief Returning Officer Mahesh Raj Timalsina is also happy with this practice. "We press the call bell and sometimes they do not hear it so it is better to give them a missed call instead," he says.

I don't know how efficient this system would be, but this is one novel use of cell phones! More here.