Friday, May 9, 2008

New book: Africa's Future, Africa's Challenge

New Book: Africa's Future, Africa's Challenge: Early Childhood Care and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Full text here.

This book, the first of its kind, presents a balanced collection of articles written by African and non-African authors ranging from field practitioners to academicians and from members of government organizations to those of nongovernmental and local organizations. This book compiles the latest data and viewpoints on the state of Sub-Saharan Africa’s children, covering topics such as the rationale for investing in young children, policy trends in early childhood development (ECD), historical perspectives of ECD in Sub-Saharan Africa including indigenous approaches, new threats from HIV/AIDS, and the importance of fathers in children’s lives.

I haven't read the book. It is added to my summer reading list. I wish I had it in printed format so that I can read it while traveling!