Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New growth and development blogs

Just felt like throwing this out!

Led by Michael Spence, who chaired an independent Commission on Growth and Development that recently published The Growth Report, the CGD has launched a new blog:

The Growth Blog: Exchanging Views on Growth and Development. Here is a post about a panel discussion, which I attended while I was in DC, on growth strategies for the developing countries.

Also, Shanta Devarajan has launched a blog on African development:

 Africa Can…End Poverty. Here is an interesting post on the effect of the financial market turmoil in the African countries. Earlier, he used to run a blog focusing on South Asia.

    • African banking systems are unlikely to experience the turbulence of the U.S. banking system.
    • A cutback in foreign capital inflows could seriously affect growth and poverty reduction in Africa.
    • If the financial market turmoil leads to a recession in the U.S. and elsewhere, commodity prices will likely fall.
    • Of greater concern in Africa is the resurgence of inflation and macroeconomic imbalances in some countries.