Monday, May 4, 2009

Senseless political bickering

The Maoists are initiating a senseless, baseless political bickering that would potentially erode the gains made in the past nine months. False and debunked ideology will lead to ...

UPDATE: And, the Maoist PM Dahal did the right thing... but is still blaming others for his (incompetence) obstinacy on sensitive  issues that should not have been flared up unnecessarily! Now, I wonder what will happen to NDSP and the NDF scheduled for May 12-14. Okay, I just knew that the NDF meeting is postponed until further notice.

UPDATE 2: I was right to be suspicious of the Maoist’s propaganda and debunked ideology. Here is the Maoist chief explaining how he is using money to hoodwink people, win votes in election, and capture the state and the army. This is the height of their pathetic campaign to usurp power by duping the public (by taking advantage of their ignorance, especially of those residing on the rural areas). The Maoist leadership is much more worse than I had previously thought!