Thursday, August 7, 2008

Maoist lawmakers: 'Miss Nepal' contest is capitalistic

For some time Nepal has been sliding towards socialism. As a continuation of that slide, now some Maoists lawmakers have labeled 'Miss Nepal' contest, from where one model is chosen to participate in the Miss World contest, as "anti-women" and "capitalistic" and have banned any such contest in Nepal. Wow, what an ignorant bunch of lawmakers!

A contest to choose the next "Miss Nepal" slated for Thursday was cancelled after Maoist female lawmakers denounced the beauty pageant.

The former rebels emerged as the single largest party in the country's newly elected assembly and are poised to form the next government.

"We won't let the event take place. We don't need such a thing in the new federal democratic republic of Nepal where women are treated as objects of entertainment," Maoist lawmaker Amrita Thapa told AFP Wednesday.

She said the Maoists would not allow an "anti-women" event inspired by "capitalist" elements.

This is absolutely ridiculous and populist argument. I don't think the models who participate in such event are being treated as "objects of entertainment." In an open society, it is their right to participate in beauty pageant, they do it by choice, and it is their profession. The lawmakers are infringing in the rights and freedom of these models. Also, who are the lawmakers to decide whether such events are "anti-women." I believe only a handful of very conservative women who believe more in taboos rather than in logical arguments (like the Maoist lawmakers) think it is "anti-women." These lawmakers, who have not updated their knowledge in line with the advancement in economic and political fronts in the past decades, will stifle freedom and encourage activities that are unfriendly to investors and entrepreneurs.

Someone please clean up the misguided minds, obsessed with archaic Marxism, of these lawmakers. I personally dislike the Maoist's economic and social policies (read here and here)