Sunday, August 3, 2008

The China model???

This one is from the NYT:

There is no single “China model” to running a mega-economy. Instead, it is a blend. From the Europeans and the Japanese, the Chinese have borrowed the concept of protecting essential industries. So the state is striking exclusive oil deals around Africa, keeping a loose but steely hand over media outlets, and cracking down — even executing a few people, when needed — to respond to scandals involving tainted food or defective goods.

But the Chinese realized quickly that Japan’s downfall came in part because it never created a culture of innovation. The Chinese know they do not want to be assembling low-cost goods for long — and so they are experimenting with companies like Lenovo. Lenovo, a sophisticated computed manufacturer, is also a Chinese corporate sponsor of the Olympics. Its design won the competition for the Olympic torch — an intended symbol of China’s rise to the rank of a near superpower that, during its relay around the world, also came to signify Chinese repression in Tibet and beyond.