Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back to Dickinson College

After spending the summer (and Spring 2008 semester) in Washington, D.C. doing an internship at an NGO, I am back in Dickinson College. It is my last year and I expect the first semester of senior year to be quite hectic. I have taken two higher level math courses, one higher level economics course on monetary theory, and one on women studies (just to fulfill distribution requirements). Moreover, I will also do honors in economics, which I think would be the most interesting and challenging of all the academic stuff this semester. On top of this, I have to work as a TA for microeconomics class, as a peer tutor for micro and macro economics, and as a student supervisor in the library. Also, I will write Op-Eds regularly for The Kathmandu Post. Plus, I have to take GRE exam and apply for graduate school (PhD in development economics/international development). In short, it is gonna be a very, very busy semester.

Despite these many works to be done this semester, I will most probably not scale back my blogging frequency. Reading and writing blogs is one way to keep up with the stuff that is going on in my field of interest, i.e. development economics/international development. I expect a very, very challenging semester, which I am actually looking forward to! The only thing that makes me sad is that I won't be able to read as many books and research papers of my interest as I like during semester session because the course load itself is gonna be overwhelming.

Anyway, I am already getting settled down and want to stay right on top of the stuff that goes in my field of interest. I had a very good stay in Washington, D.C., met some of the coolest friends ever, and did some networking as well (this is apart from my the stuff I learnt from my regular internship and interaction with the people in the internship place). Summer stay at ISH was very enriching and fun.